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Groundwater contamination due to migration

E&P Groundwater Remediation

Western Colorado Groundwater contamination due to migration from a natural gas well along natural fractures resulted in benzene and methane in surface­ water and groundwater. After several years of operating a sparge system with little progress, Rule was selected to…

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Construction in mud

Refinery Groundwater Containment System

Wyoming A containment system was designed under a Consent Order with the WDEQ to prevent off-site migration of contaminated groundwater and LNAPL. An alternative evaluation design was used to select a soil bentonite slurry wall with a series of interceptor….

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Refinery Groundwater Modeling

Refinery Groundwater Modeling

Wyoming A groundwater model was developed to address corrective actions under the WDEQ to provide an understanding of remedial alternatives to prevent off-site migration of contaminated groundwater and LNAPL. A three-dimensional finite-difference groundwater model was used to assist with the…

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EP Tank Closures

E&P Tank Closures

Northwestern Colorado Closures were completed on over 70 produced water holding tanks covering a large area in a remote part of northwestern Colorado. The replacement of the existing culvert pit holding tanks was coordinated with the oil and gas operator…

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UST Remediation AS-SVE System

UST Remediation AS/SVE System

Denver Metro Area, Colorado An air sparge/soil vapor extraction (AS/SVE) remediation system was designed based on pilot test data. A total of 6 AS wells and 5 SVE wells were to remediate gasoline constituents in the groundwater by directly volatilizing…

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UST Remediation LNAPL Multi-Phase System

UST Remediation LNAPL Multiphase System

Denver Metro Area, Colorado A multi­phase extraction system was designed to address an extensive LNAPL plume spanning multiple off-site properties to dewater the upper low-permeability zone and allow product recovery and vapor extraction in the sand units where the NAPL…

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