Engineering Services

Representative Engineering Services

  • Secondary containment design for tanks 
  • Manage & display environmental data using GIS, CAD, statistical software and database systems
  • Calculate cut and fill volumes
  • In-house survey-grade GPS mapping
  • Process optimization via experimental design
  • Process flow diagrams, piping and instrumentation design and material balances

Life Cycle Analysis

Life cycle analysis is used to establish baseline environmental impacts based upon specific industries and processes or products.  The target goal or goals are compared against social and economic impacts to determine the ideal alternative based upon client requirements.

Rule Engineering utilizes the Greenhouse Gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy Use in Transportation (GREET) model to examine the cradle to grave impacts from fuels, products, and energy production by providing calculations of the lifecycle of energy and emissions related to transportation.  The model is a peer reviewed model to meet transparency requirements by governmental entities, businesses, and customers to allow better decision-making processes by our clients.

Other Services

  • Environmental management system development and implementation
  • Texas tax relief for pollution control property application preparation
  • Custom environmental dashboard preparation
  • Environmental audits and program support
  • Employee training & temporary staffing
  • E&P site security diagrams
  • E&P fire response plans